21 Ways To Decorate With COLOUR!


As much as I love the look of a clean white wall, I sometimes find myself loving a big & bright coloured wall too! I know it can be a little hard to choose anything other the go-to earth tones that we're all so used to. You know, the tans, the browns, the greens, all those colours with the weird names. Im ready to throw those swatches in the see-ya-never pile and bring out the sunny morning yellow & tangerine tango! 

Choosing the right colour can be a little intimidating, I know.  You gotta pick your colour first, and once you've finally done that, you gotta pick your shade, out of a 1000 different shades of blue. It's almost a little easier to go back to the whole white wall scenario, grab a couple blue throw pillows, maybe a cute area rug and call it a day. Right? Wrong. 

Here's a link thank can show you a few examples on how to use coloured paint, textiles, and furniture so your space can look harmonized and bright! Minus the headache! 

Click The Pic!!!!! 

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